Nordstrom Espresso Bar - Racist Employees

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I recently made a visit to Nordstrom with a friend of mine to look at some potential Christmas gifts.While we were there, we made a stop at Nordstrom's espresso bar to try out one of their cold beverages.

While we were there, we purchased ice storms and were asked would we like whipped cream on top of our beverages and both of us replied yes. Shortly after receiving our beverages, we left the espresso bar. I noticed that the employees did not wash their hands before making our beverages. Also, I saw the manager pulling tugging his pants away from his crotch before he went and made a drink.

Later on that day, I receive a phone call from a friend, who happens to be one of the employees in the espresso bar and they mentioned something very inappropriate to me that was stated by their manager. After my friend and I departed from the E-Bar, the manager Ben Morgan made a comment to the employee stating that my friend and I would indeed like whipped cream on our beverages because we were black. Ben did not know that this employee was a friend of mine when I entered the espresso bar because we remained as if we were unacquainted. I wasn't aware that Nordstrom hired racist employees who make racial slurs about customers behind their backs.

I am highly offended and outraged by this comment and I will not be returning to Nordstrom or Nordstrom's E-Bar any time soon.I cannot believe such a high end company would hire such disgusting employees.

Review about: Ben Morgan Manager.

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